The Fantastical Feasts

A series of whimsical panoramic photographs depicting live animals reveling around elaborate banquet tables, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, "The Last Supper” and by Pierre Subleyras classic painting, “The Feast in the House of Simon”. The intricate table spreads are carefully arranged, nodding to dutch still life paintings of the 17th century. The series features creatures great and small; from Elephants enjoying piles of peanuts and large stacks of peanut butter sandwiches to Honeybees swarming miniature trays of flowers, and many others winged, hoofed and found under the sea. The series seeks to encourage viewers to consider those in the animal kingdom more humanly.

The Elephant Feast, 2013
The Minature Pony Feast, 2013
The Moulard Feast, 2014
The Horse Feast, 2017
The Bison Feast, 2014
The Deer Feast, 2014
The Goat Feast, 2013
The Cuy Feast, 2014
The Budgie Feast, 2014
Balinese Longtailed Macaque Feast, 2014
The Lar Gibbon Feast, 2012
The Ostrich Feast, 2016
The Honeybee Feast, 2013
The Hedgehog Feast, 2013
The Red Eared Slider Turtle Feast, 2014
The Owlette Feast, 2014
The Three-toed Sloth Feast, 2014
The Starfish Feast, 2014
The Falcon Feast, 2016
The Dromedary Feast, 2016
The Seagull Feast, 2016
The Cheetah Feast, 2016
The Moluccan Cockatoo Feast, 2014
The Flamingo Feast, 2017
The Gecko Feast, 2014
The Tapir Feast, 2014

Post Production by Rebecca Manson, The Post Office.

Special Thanks to Ron Haviv and Oliver Solomon.

No animals were harmed in the making of this series.

A small donation from each print sale will be made to a correlating animal charity. To suggest a charity please email

New Feasts Coming Soon...

The Armadillo Feast, The Baboon Feast, The Water Buffalo Feast, The Bullfrog Feast, The Cobra Feast, The Cow Feast, The Eland Feast, The Finch Feast, The Fruit Bat Feast, The Fox Hound & Puppy Feast, The Galapagos Tortoise, The Hyena Feast, The Lizard Feast, The Lobster Feast, The Lynx Feast, The Madagascar Tortoise, The Meerkat Feast, The Monkey, Cow, Goat, Pig Feast, The Mouse Feast, The Owl Feast, The Porcupine Feast, The Rhino Feast, The Baby Squirrel Feast, The Tropical Bird Feast, The Xolo Feast, and The Zebra Feast

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